About Henderson Data Solutions

Henderson Data Solutions is a database company offering software development and database administration. We focus on quality, reliability, and customer service.

Who We Are

Henderson Data Solutions is a full-services data company offering both custom development and IT Support for data and software applications. Founded in 2006, we have provided quality solutions to businesses large and small, from mom-and-pops to Fortune500 companies and governments federal, local, and foreign. Our 100% US-based day-shift offers both remote and on-site services across the United States and the world.


We believe that you deserve what you pay for. We strive to provide the highest quality results from all of our solutions. We offer the best features to improve your service, thorough testing to ensure it is all correct the first time, and guaranties to back up everything you are promised. With Henderson Data Solutions, your product will work the first time, every time.



We believe that people and organizations you can count on are the most valuable resources in the world. We strive to provide reliable solutions and reliable services to our customers so that their “business as usual” can be a little less unusual. We build software that is solidly built and designed to reduce errors or outages in your process. We provide monitoring and support to ensure that emergencies never occur in the first place, and they are resolved correctly and immediately when they do.


Customer Service

We believe that our customers are why we are in business, so we vow to treat them that way. Our dedicated account managers are familiar with our customers and their needs. Our policies are fair and transparent. We proudly offer no-risk solutions to put our customers at ease. With Henderson Data Solutions, you can rest easy that your IT needs will be handled quickly, properly, and with fewer headaches.


We have locations across the United States to better serve you. We also offer remote and travel services across the world and local services to select US locations.

atlanta, ga

Our hometown, we offer remote and local services to the Atlanta and mid-Georgia area. Come visit our headquarters (by appointment only) or we can come see you, free of charge. Contact us for more information!


Through our sister-city program, travel to Los Angeles, Chattanooga, and Nashville is offered with FREE airline travel for engagements of 2 days or more.


Contact HDS for a free consultation or employment inquiry.


Call 800-595-0437 or email us!


Submit a resume to employment@hendersondatasolutions.com
(Calls to the sales line will not be considered.)


Henderson Data Solutions has been great to work with on our database project. HDS is a professional, thorough, customer service driven company that delivers high quality results.

Mid Cumberland Human Resources Agency

Our project was a tall order that most companies could not complete. The project has been completed and is actually better than we had hoped—and as I can be a bit obsessive compulsive, this means something!

US Standard Insurance

HDS created a custom database that has allowed our department to become more streamlined and organized. We have the ability to track trends that reveal to us what areas we need to improve and have developed a faster, more professional way of producing and logging reports.

John Moriarty and Associates

I’m impressed with the timeliness of the work and how quickly problems are solved. I also appreciate the quick responses.

Directory Distributing Associates

Henderson Data was extremely professional and very helpful in offering us several solutions to updating our existing database. Throughout the projects several new changes arose and were handled accordingly and quickly, implementing into our original plan without delay and to our satisfaction.

The Documentary Channel

Henderson Data Solutions was great to work with, [they] listened to our needs and got the projects completed very quickly.

Guaranty Trust

The entire staff was very knowledgeable, and patient with me as we worked on my problem.

Lee Youngman Galleries

Henderson Data Solutions absolutely met and exceeded all expectations.

Coach USA

The quality that most impressed me is the patience with which we were allowed to pursue our expectations. We had very little experience and so it took us a long time to get to exactly what we wanted and to identify what we could afford.

Origin Music

Every requested task was completed fully in a short period of time. The service and communication is simply remarkable.


I was very pleased with the entire experience, [the technician] was very professional and knowledgeable.

Falcon Law Firm

We had a good experience; our Account Manager was on top of the communication and the technical team was able to get us where we needed to be in a timely fashion.

Compass Network Group

Henderson Data Solutions is a database company offering software development and database administration. We focus on quality, reliability, and customer service.