Services Offered by Henderson Data Solutions

Henderson Data Solutions offers services including custom software development, technical support, database administration, report writing, and IT staffing.


Creating custom software takes more than just hiring a developer.

It takes a team of hand-picked professionals, with the tools and resources to complete the job, and a management team who understands the technology and the process. Put all that together into an organization with over a decade of experience in providing quality custom software solutions, and you have Henderson Data Solutions.

We take the risk and the struggle out of the process, putting custom software within the reach of the average company. We will listen to your needs, give you detailed designs outlining every deliverable, offer you no-risk contracts with guaranteed pricing, provide a thorough QA process, and support your company’s daily needs for as long as need us.

Whether you need a local desktop application, a website or web-based application, mobile apps, or just a simple database, we will turn your needs into a solution.

Database Administration

Get superior services for less money. Choices are rarely that easy.

Our team of expert database administrators has decades of experience and advanced tools at their disposal. Get all the help you need, often for far less than a single salary.

We will review your database for best practices, security threats, and performance optimization. We will configure your databases for optimal operation and monitor them to prevent disasters before they occur and respond to them immediately when they do.

Database Monitoring

Prevent disasters before they happen. Our database monitoring service keeps everything running smoothly and gets you back online immediately if something goes wrong.


Is your database not as fast as it used to be? We will optimize your server, its settings and code, to get you your best possible performance.


If you have lost data, we are your fastest option to recovery as much data as is possible. Call now!


Don’t find out you aren’t compliant because you got hacked. Our expert administrators will review your systems for security threats to help protect you and your customers.


Need anything not shown here? Engage our consulting database administrators and developers on an hourly basis.


Need help now?

We offer technical support for SQL Server, Microsoft Access, and all other technologies we service. We offer hourly, no-commitment plans to keep things simple and simple monthly agreements for those who want the best pricing.

Our expert developers and administrators are available for all your IT needs, including troubleshooting, development, administration, management, and more.

   SQL Server

Our SQL Server team includes database developers and database administrators with focuses on T-SQL, SSIS, SSRS, and SSAS. We can help with backups, maintenance, performance tuning, query writing, report writing, security audits, and more.

   Microsoft Access

Our Access developers can improve the security, speed, and versatility of your MS Access database. We can help you grow your software to handle multiple users with stable performance and powerful, customizable security.

Reporting and Business Intelligence

Leverage the power of the information at your fingertips and reduce costs by automating the movement of data across systems.

Our team of expert report writings and data analysts will help you get the answers you need to make confident business decisions with numeric certainty.


Just want your data to go from A to B without hours of manual labor and mistakes? We can automate your dataflow using Excel, text files, databases, APIs, FTP, and more.

Report Writing

Quickly turn questions into answers. Our report writing staff can quickly generate configurable reports custom to your needs and attractive enough to present in the boardroom.

Data Analysis

Get expert advice on conclusions which can be drawn from the data you already have.


Who better to get you the right I.T. professionals for your job than a company that does nothing but IT development and administration all day long?

Henderson Data Solutions will use its wide network of contacts and decades of experience to help you hire the right people for the job, sometimes even from our own staff members.

Think your needs aren’t enough to justify a hire? Learn more about our micro-staffing options.

  Full Time

For engagements of 1 month or more, get dedicated full-time resources on-site or remote.

  Part Time

Need a little less? Engagements of 16 hours a week or more qualify for remote and sometimes on-site placements.

  Micro Staffing

Need even less? For as little as 2 hours a week, you can have a dedicated resource. On-site services are available in select locations.


Mid Cumberland Human Resources Agency

"Henderson Data Solutions has been great to work with on our database project. HDS is a professional, thorough, customer service driven company that delivers high quality results."

US Standard Insurance

"Our project was a tall order that most companies could not complete. The project has been completed and is actually better than we had hoped—and as I can be a bit obsessive compulsive, this means something!"

John Moriarty and Associates

"HDS created a custom database that has allowed our department to become more streamlined and organized. We have the ability to track trends that reveal to us what areas we need to improve and have developed a faster, more professional way of producing and logging report."