Employment at Henderson Data Solutions

Work flexible hours, often from home, with a company that respects your talents, your time, and your family.

Henderson Data Solutions is an equal opportunity employer. We want the best people available regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual preference, gender identity, age, disability, or lifestyle.

We offer competitive pay, flexible hours, work from home, and a respect to travel preferences.

We do not currently have any job openings, please check back soon.


We are often looking for professionals with experience in:
  • Microsoft SQL Server: T-SQL, SSMS, SSIS, SSRS, and SSAS
  • Microsoft Access

Work from home

Save hundreds of dollars in gas and car repair. Skip your commute which is essentially an hour or more a day of unpaid work. Work from your couch. Spend time with your children. Let the plumber in. Deduct part of your home expenses on your taxes. Once you experience the savings and comfort of working from your own home, you will never have it any other way.

Choose your own hours

Do you want to work 40 hours a week? 30? 17? You tell us how many hours you want to work and when you want to work them. Why arbitrarily be stuck with 40? Choose your own hours each day. Work the days of the week that you prefer. Work long Thursdays and short Fridays. It is up to you.

Unlimited Time-Off

There is no limit to the amount of unpaid time-off you are allowed to take, provided that you give proper notice. Balance your work with your family and other responsibilities the way you want to.

We respect your preferences for travel and overtime

We will NEVER require you to travel or work overtime if it was not part of your agreement from the beginning. We respect your family time and personal preferences.

Choose your own benefits

Let’s be honest, those benefits employers throw at you are not free. They reduce your salary to pay for those benefits. We don’t use one-size-fits-all benefits. We just give you the money that we would have spent on the benefits and allow you to buy benefits that fit your needs from the providers you prefer.

Get paid well and promptly

In addition to offering some of the highest salaries in the business, we do not delay your payments. We send out checks the first week of every month for the month you just completed. We also have direct deposit available.

Full-time staff get a 1-month severance package

Most employers want you to give 2 weeks’ notice before you leave, which would be inconvenient for them. But, when they want to get rid of you, which puts your family in financial danger, they give no warning at all. We are standing up and saying that is wrong. We promise every full-time staff member that we will give you 1 month’s notice if we ever decide to let you go, except for severe misconduct. If we don’t, we’ll just pay you for that month anyway.


If you are interested in any employment opportunities at Henderson Data Solutions,
we ask that you send your resume to: Employment@HendersonDataSolutions.com