Microsoft SQL Server Database Consulting Services

Henderson Data Solutions is a Microsoft SQL Server consulting company offering custom database development, database administration, and technical support.

Microsoft SQL Server consulting

Custom Database Development

We will handle SQL Server installation, configuration, relational table architectural design, indexing, security, stored procedure and query writing, software integrations, and all your other SQL Server development needs.

Managed Services

Prevent disasters before they happen. Our all-inclusive managed DBA services keep everything running smoothly and gets you back online immediately if something goes wrong.

Performance Tuning

Is your database not as fast as it used to be? We will optimize your server, its settings and code, to get you your best possible performance.

Disaster Recovery

If you have lost data, we are your fastest option to recovery as much data as is possible. Call now!

Security Audits

Don’t find out you aren’t compliant because you got hacked. Our expert administrators will review your systems for security threats to help protect you and your customers.


We offer full-time and part-time staffing options. Get dedicated developers at our lowest prices.


Microsoft SQL Server consulting

Total Disk Encryption

Protect your data at rest with end-to-end encryption.


Always-On Clustering

Keep your servers up all the time with redundant designs.


Point-in-time Recovery

Back up your database to multiple continents with the capability to restore your data to the very second before your failure.


Replication and Data Warehousing

Distribute your data to multiple servers to spread the workload or create optimized reporting servers.


SQL Injection-proof Design

Your data is protected from unauthorized access or destruction from hacking or malware.

We are the Microsoft SQL Server experts.

Our MS SQL team has advanced certifications and decades of experience in programming complex and powerful SQL databases. We have managed systems with billions of records and terabytes of information. We create secure designs for the US government, financial institutions, and HIPPA protected medical information. Our reliable designs provide optimal availability and up-time. Our databases offer peak performance for immediate responses of even the most complicated demands.

Our team of Microsoft SQL Server database administrators and developers has decades of experience and high-level certifications. We are a database company with managers who know how to handle database personnel and provide advanced tools for our consultants to do the best possible work.

We offer both on-site and remote services. For on-site travel, standard travel expenses apply.

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